School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

WAVES Highland Retreat - IDEAS

A record of all brainstorming ideas from the WAVES Workshop 1: Highland Retreat in Pitlochry.

The record includes a list of the FLIP-CHART IDEAS with the names of interested scientists and IMAGES of the flip-chart ideas. Corresponding ideas were grouped, and interested scientists formed teams to pursue the ideas further throughout the duration of the WAVES project. Below are the resulting research plans and associated contacts:

WAVES Outreach and Communication Plan of Action coordinators: Marta Pienkowska (Oxford) and Lapo Boschi (UPMC)

Optimization of Seismic Cloaking Research Plan coordinator: Ivan Karpov (NTNU)

Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Coupling Research Plan coordinators: Gil Averbuch (TU Delft) and Daniel Wehner (NTNU)

Harvesting Energy Research Plan coordinators: Patrick Elison (ETH Zurich) and Theodor Becker (ETH Zurich)

Marchenko Wavefield Construction and Imaging Research Plan coordinators: Tianci Cui (Schlumberger) and Sjoerd de Ridder (UEdin)

Micro to Macro Softening and Healing in Rocks Research Plan coordinators: Alyssa Crippen (UEdin) and Johannes Aichele (INSERM)

A list of all Workshop 1: Highland Retreat attendees