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School of GeoSciences

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Andrew Curtis (click to contact)

Professor of Mathematical Geoscience

Head of the Edinburgh Imaging Project (EIP)

Curriculum Vitae

Research areas

Complete list of Publications at the foot of this page - here are My Publication Statistics

Research Fellowships: If you have a Ph. D., a strong C.V., and would like to research in Edinburgh, I am particularly keen to encourage and help you to apply for Fellowships (e.g., EU Marie Curie, NERC, Royal Society, Royal Society of Edinburgh, etc.). Contact me to discuss submitting a proposal.

Research Hosting Program: If you would be interested to visit Edinburgh for an extended period of research, click here for further information of our program which is open to industrial, governmental and academic researchers.

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A Brief History of Mine

  • 2017-2019: Guest Professor (half time), ETH Zurich
  • 2014-now : Professor of Mathematical Geoscience, The University of Edinburgh
  • 2009-2014: Total Professor of Mathematical Geoscience, The University of Edinburgh
  • 2005-2009: Reader of Exploration Seismology, The University of Edinburgh
  • 1997-2005: Senior then Principal Research Scientist, Schlumberger Cambridge Research
  • 1994-1997: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dept. of Theoretical Geophysics, Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • 1990-1994: Doctorate in Geophysics, University of Oxford, UK
  • 1986-1990: B. Sc. Hons., Mathematics, University of Edinburgh, UK

Other Appointments

  • 2017-2019: Member, EAGE Awards Committee
  • 2016-2016: Advisor to Scottish Government on risks connected to unconventional energy
  • 2014-2015: Member, University of Edinburgh's Divestment Review Group
  • 2013-2015: President, Scientific Advisory Committee for RESIF
  • 2011-2013: Head, Institute of Earth and Planetary Science
  • 2012-Now : Member, Directorate of the Scottish Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage
  • 2011-2011: Visiting Professor, University of Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand
  • 2011-2011: Visiting Scientist, Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, New Zealand
  • 2010-2010: Member, HEFCE pilot panel for REF in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences
  • 2009-2013: Deputy Director, ECOSSE
  • 2007-Now : Director, Edinburgh Seismic Research
  • 2007-Now : Member, Society of Exploration Geophysics Research Committee
  • 2007-2011: Member of Editorial Board, Petroleum Geoscience
  • 2006-Now : Honorary Fellow, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK
  • 2006-2006: Visiting Professor, Universitee Paris Sud, Orsay, France [2 months]
  • 2005-2010: Member of the Board, ECOSSE Joint Research Institute, UK
  • 2004-2011: Editor, Geophysical Journal International
  • 2001-2005: Honorary Fellow, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • 2000-2004: Leader, Schlumberger Mathematics Technical Community
  • 2003-2004: On Industrial Advisory Board, Alan Turing Institute of Mathematics, University of Manchester
  • 2001-2002: Co-Founder, European Corporate Innovation and Venturing Society
  • 2000-2001: Schlumberger Corporate Business Venturing Program: co-Founder and -Manager
  • 2000-2000: Member of Workplace 21 (6 months): an international project on the workplace of the future
  • 1997-1997: Visiting Scientist, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre [3 months]


Funding Secured

The following link lists income & donations secured for the School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh.

University Administration

  1. Head of Institute of Earth and Planetary Science, 35 academic staff, 3 year term
  2. Chair of the Board of Examiners, Earth Resources cluster of M. Sc. courses
  3. Degree Program Convenor, Geophysics B. Sc. Hons
  4. Program Director, Geoscience Masters by Research (M. Res.) degrees
  5. Course Organiser, Exploration Geophysics (3rd year) & Exploration Seismology (4th year) on Geophysics B. Sc. Hons degree
  6. Deputy Course Organiser, GeoSEAD Masters course
  7. Organiser of Earth Resources Group
  8. Chair of "Research Development and Commercialisation Group"

Current and Previous Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Alexis Cartwright-Taylor [2015-2019]: Laboratory experimentation of acoustics in rock
  • Erica Galetti [2016-2019]: Eliciting robust Geological prior information
  • Satyan Singh [2016-2018]: Imaging and Interferometry
  • Carlos da Costa Filho [August 2017-2018]: Marchenko Autofocussing & Medical Imaging
  • Katherine Tant [2016-2018]: Design for Non-Destructive Evaluation and Testing
  • Ola Hosa [from 2015-2017]: Modelling carbonate diagenesis and fluid flow
  • Giovanni Meles [2011-2016]: Interferometry and Imaging Methods
  • Melody Runge [2015-2016]: Eliciting robust Geological prior information
  • Erica Galetti [2015-2016]: Monitoring environmental risks of shale gas extraction
  • Arash Gandomi [2009-2011]: Geophysical monitoring of subsurface CO2 storage reservoirs
  • Debbie Polson [2008-2010]: Risk analysis for CO2 storage projects
  • Darrel Coles [2008-2010]: Survey design methods in industrial applications
  • Travis Poole [from 2007-2010]: Imaging methods using 'over-under' seismic streamer data

Current Ph. D. students

GPM Annotated Output University of Edinburgh, UK:
  • Richard Delf [September 2015-]: Radar imaging of ice
  • Alyssa Crippen [November 2015-]: Real-future fracture forecasting
  • Dominic Cummings [January 2016-]: Interferometry, imaging and waveform inversion
  • Eva Dokter [January 2016-]: Scattering, Interferometry and Inversion
  • Louise Parkes [September 2018-]: Monitoring CO2 leakage sub-sea
  • Helen Ockenden [September 2019-]: Antarctic glacial radar imaging
ETH Zurich, Switzerland:
  • Xun Li [2018-]: Experimental Wave Theory - Immersive Boundary Conditions
  • Nele Boersing [2016-]: Experimental Wave Theory - Cloaking and Holography

Previous Ph. D. students

  • Xin Zhang [November 2015- Jan 2020]: Interferometry and Monte Carlo Tomography
  • Stephanie Earp [September 2015-2019]: Interferometry and Neural Network Imaging
  • Jonathan Singh [September 2015-2019]: Carbonate geomechanics, rock physics and coda wave interferometry
  • Phil Cilli [October 2015-2019]: Carbonate rock physics
  • Angus Lomas [November 2015-2019]: Marchenko imaging in a 3D Earth.
  • Youqian Zhao [October 2015-2018]: Seismic source location using coda wave interferometry
  • Claire Allmark [September 2013-2017]: Ambient noise nonlinear tomography. Claire now works for Noise Consultants ( ) on acoustics.
  • Carlos da Costa Filho [August 2013-2016]: Marchenko Autofocussing. Carlos is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow working on transferring Marchenko imaging methods to non-destructive testing and medical imaging applications.
  • Matteo Ravasi [February 2012-2015]: Interferometry and Imaging Methods. Matteo was awarded the Gustavo Sclocchi Theses award 2015, and the Keith Runcorn Thesis Prize from the Royal Astronomical Society!
  • Elizabeth Entwistle [September 2010-2014]: Recording old earthquakes with new seismometers using source-receiver interferometry
  • Erica Galetti [September 2010-2015]: Interferometry and nonlinear tomography
  • Matt Walker [September 2010-2014]: Exact sampling, geostatistical inversion and prior information
  • Katrin Loer [January 2012-2015]: Scattering of waves and scattering path analysis
  • Sophie Harland [September 2011-2015]: Mathematical/Computational Geological Flow Modelling in Carbonates
  • John Gonzalez [October 2008-2013]: Estimating body and surface waves using virtual sources and receivers
  • Martin Martin [December 2012-2012]: Interferometry and Imaging Methods. Martin transferred to a PhD at ETH Zurich.
  • Suzannah Toulmin [2007-2012]: Geophysical detection/characterisation of gas hydrates. Jointly supervised with Ingo Pecher at Heriot-Watt University.
  • Zara Rawlinson [November 2011-2012]: Deconvolutional Interferometry. Zara decided to submit her work for an M. Sc. by Research.
  • Simon King [September 2007-2011]: Subsurface imaging using interferometry and over-under seismic data. Simon is now in the Geophysical Research department of Fugro in London.
  • Hamidreza Hamdi [2008-2012]: Joint interpretation of well test and seismic data. Jointly supervised with Patrick Corbett at Heriot-Watt University.
  • Angeleena Thomas [September 2006-2012]: Image log interpretation using neural networks. Angeleena now works for Schlumberger in Norway.
  • Heather Nicolson [Sept 2006-2011]: Interferometric surface wave tomography across the UK. Heather now works for Wood Mackenzie in Edinburgh.
  • Thomas Guest [Sept 2006-2010]: Designing surveys for dynamic, subsurface targets. Tom now works for RMS.
  • Mohammad Shahraeeni [May 2007-2010]: Waveform inversion for rock facies. Mohamad now works for Total Research.
  • Craig Duguid [September 2009-2010]: Wavefield interferometry. Craig decided to submit his work for an M. Sc. by Research for which he received a Distinction!
  • Adam Wilson [Sept 2005-2010]: Theory and methods of frequency-dependent AVO inversion
  • David Halliday [Sept 2005-2009]: "Surface wave interferometry". David was awarded the EAGE's 2010 Van Weelden Award, and the Royal Astronomical Society's 2010 Keith Runkorn Prize, both for best Ph. D. Thesis, and also the SEG's 2013 J. Clarence Karcher Award!
  • David Price [Oct 2003-2009]: "Conditioning well logs to core micro-tomography"
  • Ueli Meier [2003-2008]: "Bayesian inversion of surface wave data for discontinuities and velocity structure in the upper mantle using Neural Networks". Ueli was awarded a Ph. D. with HONOURS (Cum Laude) - awarded only to top 10% of all Ph. D.'s - at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands!
  • Jon Hill [2002-2007]: "Modelling of reefs and shallow marine carbonates". Image of geological process model shown above-right. See also Geology Rocks which Jon runs.
  • Robbert van Vossen [2000-2005]: "Deconvolution of land seismic data for source and receiver characteristics and near-surface properties". Robbert was awarded a Ph. D. with HONOURS (Cum Laude) - awarded only to top 10% of all Ph. D.'s - at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands!
  • Dirk-Jan van Manen [Nov 2002-2006]: "Time reversal and Interferometry with applications to forward modeling of wave propagation and a chapter on receiver functions". Dirk-Jan was awarded the EAGE's 2007 Van Weelden Award for the best thesis, the SEG's 2008 J. Clarence Karcher Award for the contributions to science in the thesis, and was runner up in the Royal Astronomical Society's 2008 Keith Runkorn Ph. D. Thesis Prize! His Ph. D. is (available here).
  • Lifeng Wang [Oct 2003-2007]: Frequency-dependent anisotropy in seismic data
  • Emanuel Winterfors [2005-]: Nonlinear experimental design. [at University of Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie), France]

Some Publications

  • 1. Removing non-physical wavefields from interferometric Green's functions. Halliday David Fraser, Curtis Andrew. Publication info: CA2677580 (A1) 2010-03-24. Priority date: 2008-09-24
  • 2. Interferometric Directional Balancing. Curtis Andrew. Publication info: CA2677402 (A1) 2010-03-17. Priority date: 2008-09-17
  • 3. Classification method for sedimentary rocks. Wood Rachel, Curtis Andrew, Kayser Andreas. Publication info: US2009103677 (A1) 2009-04-23, US7869565 (B2) 2011-01-11. Priority date: 2004-05-12
  • 4. Method and system for electroseismic monitoring of microseismicity. Curtis Andrew, Ryan Sarah, Martin James. Publication info: US6462549 (B1) 2002-10-08. Priority date: 1999-04-21
  • 5. Seismic detection apparatus and related method. Robertsson Johan, Curtis Andrew. Publication info: US6791901 (B1) 2004-09-14. Priority date: 1998-09-16
  • 6. System and method for estimating seismic material properties. Curtis Andrew, Robertsson Johan, Muijs Remco. Publication info: US2003117894 (A1) 2003-06-26, US6903999 (B2) 2005-06-07. Priority date: 2000-01-21
  • 7. System and method for seismic wavefield separation. Robertsson Johan, curtis Andrew. Publication info: US2003076741 (A1) 2003-04-24, US6836448 (B2) 2004-12-28. Priority date: 2000-01-21
  • 8. Multi-component seismic data processing. van Manen Dirk-Jan, Curtis Andrew, Robertsson Johan. Publication info: WO2005017563 (A1) 2005-02-24. Priority date: 2003-08-15
  • 9. A method and apparatus for processing seismic data. Robertsson Johan, Curtis Andrew, van Manen Dirk-Jan. Publication info: WO03062858 (A1) 2003-07-31. Priority date: 2002-01-25
  • 10. A method of processing marine seismic data and a method of seismic surveying. Robertsson Johan, Curtis Andrew, van Manen Dirk-Jan. Publication info: WO02059647 (A1) 2002-08-01. Priority date: 2001-01-25
  • 11. Method of evaluating the interaction between a wavefield and a solid body. van Manen Dirk-Jan, Robertsson Johan, Curtis Andrew. Publication info: FR2911401 (A1) 2008-07-18. Priority date: 2006-03-28
  • 12. Method for retrieving local near-surface material information. van Vosseon Robbert, Curtis Andrew, Trampert Jeannot. Publication info: EP1439403 (A2) 2004-07-21, EP1439403 (A3) 2007-01-10, EP1439403 (B1)2013-10-09. Priority date: 2003-01-15

Book: Geological Prior Information
Papers in journals/books (in press):
  • Xin Zhang and Andrew Curtis, 2020. Variational Full-waveform Inversion. Geophysical J. Int. Express Lett.
  • Xun Li, Johan Robertsson, Andrew Curtis, Dirk-Jan van Manen, 2020. Compensating for source directivity in immersive wave experimentation. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.
  • R. Delf et al., 2020. A comparison of automated approaches to extracting englacial-layer geometry from radar data across ice sheets. Geophysics.
  • A. Nawaz and A. Curtis, 2020. Variational Bayesian Inversion of Seismic Attributes Jointly for Geological Facies and Petrophysical Rock Properties. Geophysics.
  • F. Bowyer, A. Shore, R. Wood, L. Alcott, A. Thomas, I. Butler, A. Curtis, S. Hainanan, S. Curtis-Walcott, A. Penny, S. Poulton, 2020. Regional nutrient decrease drove redox stabilisation and metazoan diversification in the late Ediacaran Nama Group, Namibia. Scientific Reports
  • Amy Shore, Rachel Wood, Andrew Curtis, and Frederick Bowyer, 2020. Multiple branching and attachment structures in mat-dwelling Cloudina, Nama Group, Namibia. Geology.
  • S. Earp and A. Curtis, 2019. Probabilistic Neural-Network Based 2D Travel Time Tomography. arXiv (PDF)
  • S. Earp, A. Curtis, X. Zhang, F. Hansteen, 2019. Probabilistic Neural Network Tomography across Grane field (North Sea) from Surface Wave Dispersion Data. arXiv (PDF)
  • X. Zhang and A. Curtis, 2019. Seismic tomography using variational inference methods. J. Geophys. Res., in press. (PDF)
  • X. Zhang, F. Hansteen, A. Curtis, S. de Ridder, 2019. 1D, 2D and 3D ambient noise tomography using a dense passive seismic array installed on the North Sea seabed. J. Geophys. Res., in press. (PDF)
  • A. Lomas, S. Singh, A. Curtis, 2019. Imaging Vertical Structures using Marchenko Methods with Vertical Seismic Profile Data. Geophysics.
  • A. Lomas and A. Curtis, 2019. Marchenko Methods in a Three-dimensional World. Geophys. J. Int.
  • J. O. S. Hammond, R. England, N. Rawlinson, A. Curtis, K. Sigloch, N. Harmon, B. Baptie, 2019. The Future of Broadband Passive Seismic Acquisition. Astronomy and Geophysics (PDF)
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  • Tant, K. Mulholland, A., Curtis, A., Gachagan, A., 2020. Effective Grain Orientation Mapping of Complex and Locally Anisotropic Media for Improved Imaging in Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing. Inverse Problems for Science and Engineering.

Papers in journals/books (published):


  • R. Cao, S. Earp, S. de Ridder, A. Curtis, E. Galetti, 2020. Near-real time near-surface 3D seismic velocity and uncertainty models by wavefield gradiometry and neural network inversion of ambient seismic noise. Geophysics. 85(1), pp.KS13-KS27. DOI: (PDF)


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  • A. Curtis as one of the 9-member Fossil Fuels Review Group, University of Edinburgh, 2015. REPORT: Report of the Fossil Fuels Review Group (PDF).
  • A. Curtis (Ed.), 2015. REPORT: Fossil Fuels Review Group 2014-2015; Input from the School of GeoSciences (PDF).
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