School of GeoSciences

Dr Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell

My research relates to understanding and quantifying the physical processes controlling the occurrence of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural hazards. I use a range of approaches, including statistical analysis, numerical modelling, field studies and laboratory experiments. The ultimate goal of my work is to develop and apply reliable methods for forecasting the nature, location and timing of future events, something I see as one of the great challenges facing geoscience in the 21st century.

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NEW!!! Bulletin of Volcanology paper on earthquakes at Kilauea featured in March 2013 edition of NERC's Planet Earth online.

Research interests:

Volcanic seismicity and deformation

Earthquake statistics and interactions

  • Earthquake frequency-magnitude distributions
  • Statistical approaches to quantifying earthquake triggering in space and time (EC NERIES & TRIGS projects)
  • Understanding earthquake hazard and interactions in Sumatra (with University of Ulster)

Real-time hazard forecasting and testing:

  • The EFFORT project - developing models for forecasting eruptions and brittle failure, and testing their predictive power in real-time

Lab models of brittle deformation: