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Greenland Ice-Ocean Interaction

Kangiata Nunata Sermia

Greenland tidewater glaciers provide a link between the ocean and the interior of the ice sheet.

Recent studies of Greenland ice sheet mass balance have shown substantial thinning and retreat at its coastal margins, suggesting oceanic forcing has an impact on the dynamics of the ice sheet.

We are interested in modelling fjord water circulation to examine how warm coastal water might come into contact with and affect tidewater glaciers in Greenland.

The project, titled “Investigating controls on flow variability in Greenland’s tidewater glaciers: the impact of runoff on fjord circulation and termini melt rates”, is funded by a NERC grant and studentship.

People involved in this project:

  • Prof. Pete Nienow (Edinburgh)
  • Dr. Andrew Sole (Sheffield)
  • Dr. Tom Cowton (Edinburgh)
  • Dr. Dan Goldberg (Edinburgh)
  • Dr. Noel Gourmelen (Edinburgh)
  • Donald Slater (Edinburgh)
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