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Calving Rates and Impact on Sea Level (CRIOS)

Kronebreen Glacier, Svalbard

Changes in glacier calving dynamics have an immediate impact on sea level. It is crucial to develop accurate predictions of how and when ice loss will occur. CRIOS aims to deliver new, robust and efficient models of iceberg calving that can be integrated into earth system models used to forecast future environmental change.

The CRIOS project is focused on developing glacial modelling constrained by field observations and remote sensing data, primarily based at Kronebreen glacier in Svalbard. Field data includes GPS-derived ice velocities, borehole water pressure records and time-lapse camera images and analysis.

The CRIOS project is led by Prof. Doug Benn at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS). Dr. Nick Hulton, Penelope How (PhD student) and Lynne Addison (MSc student) are involved in the University of Edinburgh’s partnership in this project. Edinburgh’s role primarily involves time-lapse photography and its use in understanding calving behaviour by deriving short-term glacier velocity fluctuations and calving rates. For more information on the CRIOS project, please click here.

People involved in this project:

  • Prof. Doug Benn (UNIS, University of St. Andrews)
  • Prof. Adrian Luckman (Swansea University, UNIS)
  • Dr. Nick Hulton (University of Edinburgh, UNIS)
  • Prof. Bryn Hubbard (Aberystwyth University)
  • Wim Boot (Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Research, Utrecht)
  • Dr. Faezeh Nick (UNIS)
  • Dr. Ian Rutt (Swansea University)
  • Dr. Sue Cook (University of Tasmania)
  • Penelope How (University of Edinburgh, UNIS)
  • Heidi Sevestre (UNIS)
  • Silje Smith-Johnsen (UNIS)
  • Ingunn Farsund (UNIS)
  • Lynne Addison (University of Edinburgh)
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