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CryoTop - Glacier and Ice Sheet Margin Topography

Swath processing of 2012/2013 CryoSat data (lower right) increases by a hundredfold the resolution of ice topography compared to standard CryoSat height products

The Glacier and Ice Sheet Margin Topography (CryoTop) project will provide new and improved measurements of topography in regions which are typically hard to measure, such as high mountain glaciers and ice sheet margins, by exploiting data from the CryoSat-2 (CS2) mission.

The CryoTop project aims at developing a new production system to deliver fine Glacier and Ice Sheet Margin (GISM) topography. Data from the Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar mode of CS2 are processed so to increase the density in elevation data over GISM. The CryoTop products will be evaluated using indepedently generated digital elevation models, laser altimetry and GPS surveys.

Prototype products for the following regions will be produced:

  • Greenland Ice Sheet outlet glaciers (Petermann, Jakobshavn)
  • Canadian Ice Cap oulet glacier (Devon)
  • Ice margins of Antarctica (Antarctic Peninsula, Amundsen sea sector, Antarctic subglacial lake)

For more information on the project and to find out which institutions are involved in CryoTop, please visit the CryoTop website.

People involved in this project:

  • Dr. Noel Gourmelen (University of Edinburgh)
  • Luca Foresta (University of Edinburgh)
  • Prof. Andrew Shepherd (University of Leeds)
  • Dr. Kate Briggs (University of Leeds)
  • Dr. Maria Jose Escorihuela (Isardsat, Spain)
  • Dr. Monica Roca (Isardsat, Spain)
  • Dr. Alan Muir (University College London)
  • Dr. Steven Baker (University College London)
  • Dr. Mark Drinkwater (European Space Agency))
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