Thinking of applying to work with us?

We welcome applications to work with us.

If you are considering applying, get in touch with us.  We can help with your fellowship application, and can offer pre-interview assistance.

Please email the following:

  1. Statement of support from the Head of Research Institute you are applying to within GeoSciences (this should be done in advance; please provide them with your CV and a 1 page project description)
  2. Current CV
  3. List of publications
  4. Case for support (or equivalent)
  5. Impact statement (if required by funder)
  6. Justification of resources (for costings, please contact Brendan Martin directly; for use of School facilities, please contact Kate Heal).  If your research requires more computing power than a standard desktop or laptop, please also contact the School IT team for advice on the facilities that could meet your needs, and so that recommended access charges and staff support time can be costed into your application -
  7. The contact person here in GeoSciences
  8. Please check in advance if your application requires a supporting statement from the Head of School; this should be prepared together with your intended host/contact and your host is required to email the Head of School ( at least 2 weeks in advance of any deadline.

You will also need to outline if there are any obligations the School would have to meet should your application be successful; if this is the case, all such applications require the approval of the Head of School in advance of submitting to the sponsoring body.

Please send the above to Matthew Ross and Brendan Martin

Please note the School would not normally provide financial support where 50% (or similar) matching funds are required (eg, Leverhulme Fellowships) but this is not completely ruled out.  If funds permit, the candidate is outstanding and the research is in an area of strategic importance, the Head of School would be prepared to consider an application.