Support for Independent Fellows

The School of GeoSciences recognises the value and contribution of research staff as essential to delivering our high quality research agenda. Maintaining our reputation for academic excellence is world-leading work, which is why we aim to recruit the best and brightest people to a range of roles each year.

Developing your Research Career: What we can do for you

The School of GeoSciences welcomes all applications from independent researchers and is committed to offer a rewarding and realistic career path.

As a Research Fellow in the School of GeoSciences, you can expect the following support:

  1. You will join one of our three Research Institutes as a member of academic staff and will be line-managed directly by the Head of Institute.  All Institutes have active seminar series which are open to all members of staff.
  2. We will appoint a mentor within the first weeks of your joining the School who will be responsible for helping you make the most of your Fellowship and the networking and development opportunities within the School and University.
  3. The School will take your training and development seriously, whether you wish to look to continue in academic life or wish to look to transfer your skills elsewhere, for example:
    1. The School has a long-established Research Staff Organisation which represents researchers across the School and provides a forum for social interaction and career development.
    2. The School offers many workshops and courses on grant applications, dealing with the media, assessing and presenting impact of research etc.
    3. The University offers support, for example through the Institute for Academic Development whose remit includes the development of researchers, University teachers, and a large number of free training opportunities.
    4. You will be provided with opportunities to gain skills and practical experience in teaching and curriculum design (within the terms of your specific Fellowship)
    5. The University and School provide support and encouragement for entrepreneurship for example through the School’s Business Development Executive, Edinburgh Research and Innovation (ERI) and our hosting of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon innovation (ECCI). 
  4. We have a policy of reviewing independent Fellows at regular intervals and have a formal meeting one year before the funding end-date in order to ascertain whether it will be possible to offer the Fellow continuing employment. 
  5. Fellowships of 2 years duration or longer that are externally funded to a salary at spine point 30-36, will normally be supplemented by the School to start at spine point 37 (with normal annual progression beyond this) in recognition of the competitive and prestigious nature of such Fellowships.
  6. Fellowships of 5 years or longer will be prioritized during applications for a studentship (Home/EU and £1,000 per annum RTSG), registered in the School of GeoSciences, in the annual studentship round managed by the School - subject to finding a high quality applicant.  The School will support the Fellow in developing the project and provide appropriate supervision guidance and training.
  7. The School provides a high level of support in the management of grants including guidance on the various reporting and monitoring requirements.
  8. The School is committed to the highest standards of Equality and Diversity practice, and is especially keen to support women in academia.   It holds the Athena SWAN Silver award.

Current opportunities under demand management:

   -  Urban Studies Foundation - Early Career Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme