Porous Media


Our mission is to create fundamental advances and applied solutions to multiscale problems of understanding the synthesis and analysis of porous media, the physical properties of porous media and the behaviour and flow of fluids within porous media.

Most geological materials are porous. In porous materials the dynamics of flow and transport, deformation,  and  coupled  chemical reactions  control  geological  and environmental processes  in  shallow  and  deep  Earth  settings.  The  study  of  the  dynamics  of  porous media, be they rocks or complex, composite organic materials, is therefore unified by  fundamental scientific questions which can be answered by  advanced computational and numerical modelling, experimental and visualisation  methods.  The properties and behaviour of porous  media  are  also  central  to  applied  problems  including:  contaminant migration, geothermal energy, carbon capture and storage, water and hydrocarbon migration, reservoir engineering,  and  evolution  of  reservoir  quality  in  sedimentary  basins.

This Research Group’s grand challenge is to quantify, analyse and integrate studies of porous media properties and processes over length scales spanning 13 orders of magnitude (sub-nanometre to kilometre).

Understanding the properties of complex porous media is critical to many applications in the geosciences