Research Institutes (and associated Research Groups)

Our three institutes are made up of groups of researchers with related interests that provide a forum for the development of ideas, collaboration and dissemination of results.
They also provide an environment for the training, development and mentoring of research students and early-career researchers. Additionally, each research group also has many less formal research collaborations.

Geography & The Lived Environment

Ladies, with young children, carrying washing along the road
Our overarching aim is to generate agenda-setting research that improves understanding of the inter-relationships between people, society and the environment.

Earth and Planetary Science

Erupting Volcano
Our ambition is to undertake research which will provide the knowledge that will help address global challenges relating to resources, natural hazards and the environment.

Global Change

Glacier over water
Our overarching aim is to improve the scientific understanding of past, present and future changes in the Earth system through measurements, theory and computational modelling.