Upcoming and past Careers Seminars

2017/18 academic year
The series for the current academic year has now ended. Thank you to all the speakers who contributed - and for your discussion and feedback. Plans for seminars in 2018/19 are currently under development.
28/02/18   [POSTPONED due to snow]  Graeme Hedger, West Lothian Council, www.westlothian.gov.uk
31/01/18  [POSTPONED]  Lewis Hurley, Scottish Government, www.gov.scot
Thank you to contributors during 2016/17:
21/09/16   James Dowle, Golder Associates, www.golder.com
28/09/16   Xu Teo, Earth-I, www.earthi.space
12/10/16   Eleanor Stirling & James Lyne, BP, www.bp.com
09/11/16   Victoria Pinion, LTS International, www.ltsi.co.uk
30/11/16   Christie Paterson, Freya Muir, Hannah Ritchie, James Watt (internship event) 
Talks on postgraduate study from: Kate Heal, Antonia Doncila, Benjamin Clarke, Sophie Flack and William Mackaness
18/01/17   Lindsay Mackinlay, National Trust Scotland, www.nts.org.uk
25/01/17   Barbara Barbarito, Scottish Water, www.scottishwater.co.uk
01/02/17   Maryanne Paterson, Jacobs, www.jacobs.com
08/02/17   Keith Grant & Peter Wright, Environmental Resources Management (ERM), www.erm.com
01/03/17   Richard Tipper, Ecometrica, www.ecometrica.com
08/03/17   Mathilda Heyman & Lucy Gibbons, Bright Green, www.brightgreenbusiness.org.uk
15/03/17   Mike Perks, Forest Research, www.forestry.gov.uk/forestresearch
22/03/17   Amy Ritchie / Georgie Walker / Richard Dryburgh, Change Agents / Fresh Sight / 2050 Climate Group, www.changeagents.org.uk  www.freshsight.com  www.2050.scot