Earth and Planetary Science

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Fri, 26/06/2015

Linking the development of enhanced oil recovery in the North Sea to low-carbon electricity can bring significant benefits to the wider UK economy.

Geobiology and Geochemistry

This Group explores how life has interacted with Earth over long time scales. We document how life has evolved, how environmental change created opportunities and constraints for diversification, and how life has controlled the evolution of biogeochemical cycles. Our research straddles the disciplines of geology, palaeontology, evolutionary biology, ecology, microbiology, oceanography, and geochemistry.

Edinburgh GeoHazards

​​The Geohazards and Risk group brings together expertise in Natural Hazards from across the University of Edinburgh in conjunction with partners such as the British Geological Survey. Our aim is to provide a cross-disciplinary forum to forge new research collaborations and to facilitate end-user engagement.

For general enquiries, please contact the group's convenor, Dr Mark Naylor.

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Wed, 20/04/2016

Fresh discoveries about common minerals are helping scientists better understand the nature of Earth's magnetic fields....

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Mon, 10/11/2014

An appeals court in Italy has cleared six scientists previously convicted of manslaughter for deaths that occurred in the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake.

Aquila Earthquake Prefettura

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Thu, 03/12/2015

Scientists discover Sauropod dinosaur trackways in a Middle Jurassic lagoon on the Isle of Skye, Scotland....

sauropod visualisation


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Our staff are involved in many different research centres and project consortia involving universities and other institutions around the globe.  Our research centres facilitate research programmes across disciplines and between institutions.


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