Dr Mark Wilkinson

Senior Lecturer in Geological CO2 Storage

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Room: 308
Grant Institute
The King's Buildings
James Hutton Road
Edinburgh EH9 3FE
  • Research
  • Geological CO2 storage

    • Natural analogues, what will happen to CO2 when it is injected into a rock? - with PhD students Yutong Shu and Claire McGraw
    • Safe disposal of water produced during storage operations - with PhD student Kit Carruthers Understanding the 'shallow' overburden in the North Sea - UKCCSC-funded grant, with Dr Juan Alcalde
    • What to do if a leak develops (which it probably won't) - EU-funded MIRECOL project, with researcher Katriona Edlmann

    Diagenesis, or what happens to sediments as they are buried and turn into rocks. In practice I study reservoirs, for oil / gas, CO2 storage, or water supply

    • Why does the Torridonian Sandstone (NW Highlands) have so much feldspar? Most other deeply buried rocks loose the feldspar, but this one has not.
    • Do sandstones and shales interact during burial? In other words, do solutes (e.g. K, Al, Si) move from sands into shales or vice-versa? With PhD student Felix Xia
    • White trap is an unusual alteration product of basic magmas when they are intruded into the local Carboniferous rocks. Why does this happen?

    Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) - can we save energy from renewables for peak demand times? With PhD student Julien Mouli Castillo.

Current students

Are oilfields geochemically special ? An examination of porosity and mass-transfer

Previous students

Claire McCraw
Experimental investigation and simulation of the impact of heterogeneities on the long term fate of CO2 and the Integrity of the Caprock to Thermal, Hydraulic, Mechanical and Chemical processes
Kit Carruthers
Environmental impacts of CO2 storage in the North Sea
Dean Thorpe
Controls on reservoir quality in Early Cretaceous carbonate oil fields and implications for basin modelling
David Lee
Genesis of fault hosted carbonate fracture cements in a naturally high CO2 province, South Viking Graben, UK North Sea
Niklas Heinemann
Physical and chemical effects of CO2 storage in saline aquifers of the southern North Sea
Jiemen Lu
CO2 interaction with aquifer and seal on geological timescales: Miller oilfield, UK North Sea.