Dr Jan de Hoog

EMMAC Research Fellow

 <a href="/geosciences/people/cdehoog" class="active">Dr Jan de Hoog</a>
Room: 103
Grant Institute
The King's Buildings
James Hutton Road
Edinburgh EH9 3FE
  • Research
  • Trace element geochemistry of olivine from mantle rocks: applications to geothermobarometry and mantle petrogenesis. This project is now extended to olivine inclusions in diamonds (collaboration with Thomas Stachel, University of Alberta). Behaviour of volatiles and fluid-mobile elements during dehydration of subducting serpentinites. Collaborative project with K. Hattori (University of Ottawa) Petrogenesis of ultrahigh-pressure eclogites and garnet peridotites from the Pohorje Mountains, Eastern Alps (NE Slovenia). Collaborative project with Marian Janak (Slovak Academia of Science, Bratislava), Mirijam Vrabec (University of Ljubljana), Niko Froitzheim (University of Bonn) Into the subduction channel : petrological, geochemical and thermomechanical constraints on subduction processes and plate-slab coupling. Project in Zermat-Saas unit, Western Alps, and the Sistan melange, Iran. Collaborative project with Phillipe Agard and Samual Angiboust (University Paris 6) and Mike Searle, Dave Waters, Tony Watts (Oxford University). Partially funded by the British Council (2009-2010) Formation and evolution of cratonic roots - distinguishing metasomatic imprint from primary mantle signatures. Case studies from Kaalvallei and Kirkland Lake xenolith suites. Collaborative project with Dan Schulze (University of Toronto).