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PhD Student Megan O'Donnell to spend a week working in Lyon with French school children conducting science workshops in English.

Double whammy win for E3 DTP GeoEnergy students Jonny Scafidi and Fiona Todd at ETP annual conference

Women are more likely to smoke during pregnancy if they live in areas with lots of shops selling cigarettes, a study shows.

Scientists have assessed the impact of global warming on thousands of tree species across the Amazon.

The world’s largest green business ideas competition is being hosted in Scotland for the first time by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation...

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Fri, 21/04/2017

Scientists are preparing for the launch of a UK-French satellite that will measure greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, following official endorsement of the project today. The initiative will be the first European mission to monitor and characterise the flow of carbon dioxide gas from natural and man-made sources and its absorption by the atmosphere, ocean, and land.

Artist's impression of Microcarb satellite CNES

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Thu, 20/04/2017

Academics from the School of GeoSciences awarded funds on two research projects as part of a £8.6m UK research programme on greenhouse gas removal.  New research will investigate ways to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere to counteract global warming.

Greenhouse Gas Removal