Dr Sian Henley, Lecturer in Marine Science

Mon, 26/11/2018

New Lecturer in Marine Science, Dr Sian Henley

Sian is a marine biogeochemist specialising in nutrient cycling in the polar oceans. She is particularly interested in how biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nutrients are changing in response to global change and dramatic changes in sea ice cover, and what the implications of these changes are for ecosystems and ocean-climate feedbacks.

Sian was previously a PhD student and NERC Fellow in the School, and took up her lectureship in June. She has research projects ongoing in both the Arctic Ocean and the west Antarctic Peninsula region of the Southern Ocean, each within large international collaborative frameworks, and sits on the committees for both SAGES and the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS).

Sian said:

"I am delighted to have converted my Fellowship into a Lectureship. I look forward to further developing the good number of strong collaborations I have already established across the School and the wider University community, as well as forging further collaborative links with other colleagues across a range of disciplines. It is an exciting time to be a marine scientist, with the plight of our oceans attracting much media coverage, national and international discussion, and funding for research and environmental protection. I'm delighted to be involved with these developments and based within the productive and engaging group of oceans researchers in Edinburgh."

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Dr Sian Henley, Lecturer in Marine Science
Dr Sian Henley, Lecturer in Marine Science