GeoSciences Climate Scientist Elected to Royal Society Fellowship

Fri, 05/05/2017

Professor Gabi Hegerl is recognised for her outstanding contribution to science.

Climate scientist Professor Gabriele Hegerl, University of Edinburgh, has made key advances in the critical observations of climate change. Her rigorous approach had helped scientists systematically distinguish between different possible explanations for the observed recent warming and thus to quantify the contribution to the warming from human-induced factors. She was also first to use multi-century climate reconstructions to estimate the sensitivity of climate to changes in the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Gabi published some of the first studies determining that recent warming is statistically different from climate variability, and pioneered a method that distinguishes between possible causes for climate change, such as greenhouse gas increases or changes in the sun. She has also made important contributions to estimating the climate sensitivity, and to determining the causes of changing characteristics of extreme weather events. Gabi’s recent work has shown that human influences have changed global precipitation patterns, sharpening the contrast between wet and dry regions, while volcanic eruptions show an opposite effect.

Gabi has had key roles in scientific assessments of climate change (IPCC), and is a fellow of the American Geophysical Union and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. She received a Royal Society Wolfson Merit award; the Hans Sigrist Prize awarded by Bern University (2016) and the Achievement Award of the International Meeting on Statistical Climatology.


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G Hegerl
G Hegerl