Sauropod footprints on Skye

Thu, 03/12/2015

Dinosaur Disco | Sauropod Dinosaur Trackways in an Ancient Scottish Lagoon: Dr Steve Brusatte has announced the discovery of the biggest dinosaur site yet found in Scotland: vast trackways of sauropod dinosaurs in a Middle Jurassic lagoon. The discovery was made during the group's annual fieldwork expedition to the Isle of Skye in April 2015 and the study was published in the Scottish Journal of Geology. The group making the exciting discovery with Dr Brusatte include Tom Challands (also from the School of GeoSciences), Mark Wilkinson and Dugald Ross from the Staffin Museum on Skye.

Dr Brusatte: "Tom and I discovered the tracksite while walking back to our vehicles together after a long day collecting small vertebrate fossils in the Duntulm Formation on the far northeastern corner of Skye. It is a spectacular site: a platform of sandstones and limestones jutting out into the Atlantic, covered in hundreds of sauropod tracks, which are concentrated in at least three layers. What is really amazing is that these rocks were deposited in an ancient lagoon, and the sauropods made the tracks while wading in shallow water. Along with some other recent tracksites, this shows that colossal dinosaurs were at home near and even in shallow water, contrary to there image as land-bound behemoths. The discovery received some press attention. We were really fortunate to have journalists from BBC Earth with us on our fieldtrip, and they produced an amazing multimedia piece with an article, videos, and animations for the BBC Earth website."

You can view the BBC animated report on the BBC Earth website: BBC Earth: Jurassic Island.

sauropod visualisation
sauropod visualisation