Fluids in Subduction Zone Rocks

Fluids in Subduction Zone Rocks


201 Main Lecture Theatre, Grant Institute


Thursday, January 17, 2019


Prof Marco Scambelluri Dipartimento di Scienze della terra, dell'ambiente e della vita (DISTAV) Università degli Studi di Genova

It is now ascertained that fluids are essential to metamorphism, especially in subduction zones, where they affect the properties and physical-chemical behavior of the subduction interface and of the mantle wedge. Subduction of variably oxidized, volatile- and incompatible element-rich oceanic lithosphere is accompanied by dehydration of various rock types at different P-T conditions. Here emphasis is placed on serpentinite as volatile and fluid-mobile element repository. The analysis of fluid-related inclusions in de-serpentinized meta-peridotite unexpectedly revealed abundant halogen and fluid-mobile element concentrations in the fluid, which shows a hybrid component (serpentine + sediment) uptaken by the original serpentinite by interacting with sediment-derived fluids in the subduction zone. Much work is still necessary to define the physical and chemical process attending rock dehydration, fluid/rock interaction, and to define the potential of subduction fluids in affecting the composition and redox of the mantle wedge.

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Cees-Jan De Hoog