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REFLEX: REgional FLux Estimation eXperiment

REFLEX is a model-data fusion inter-comparison project aimed at assessing the capability of extrapolating observations of CO2 fluxes from intensively studied sites (e.g. flux towers) to other locations (i.e. the surrounding region). This project will address many of the issues faced when predicting carbon fluxes at local-to-regional scales, and will compare and contrast a range of carbon-model parameter estimation/flux forecasting techniques. The outcome of this project will be an improved capability for prediction of carbon fluxes at regional to continental scales, and a quantification of the errors associated with extrapolation.

Paper published

Fox, A, M Williams, AD Richardson, D Cameron, JH Gove, T Quaife, D Ricciuto, M Reichstein, E Tomelleri, C Trudinger, MT van Wijk (2009) The REFLEX project: comparing different algorithms and implementations for the inversion of a terrestrial ecosystem model against eddy covariance data, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 149, 1597–1615.


1. To compare the strengths and weaknesses of various model-data fusion techniques for estimating carbon model parameters and predicting carbon fluxes.
2. To quantify errors and biases introduced when extrapolating fluxes (and related measurements) made at flux tower sites in both space and time, using earth observation data and models constrained by model-data fusion methods.


Download the attached compressed file which contains.
1. The Reflex experiment document (pdf) which explains the methodology, experiments and model structure.
2. Code for the evergreen (DALEC) and deciduous (DALEC_deciduous) models in FORTRAN 90.
3. Driver files and observational data for six sites, three evergreen (EV1-3) and three deciduous (DE1-3), used in the experiment.
The experiment closed in September 2007.

Reflex First Paper, May 2008

Outline for the paper
List of parameters and their NEW abbreviations for the paper

Reflex Outputs, 1 August 2008

Time series outputs, part 1 - zipped
Time series outputs, part 2 - zipped
Parameter outputs- zipped
Figures - zipped

Reflex participants

Andrew Fox (University of Sheffield & CTCD) ; Reflex coordinator
Mathew Williams (Univ. of Edinburgh & CTCD) ; Science Leader
Andrew Richardson (UNH)
Jeff Gove (USDA Forest Service)
Tris Quaife (UCL & CTCD)
Cathy Trudinger (CSIRO)
Mark Van Wijk (Wageningen)
Zhang Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Enrico Tomalleri (MPI)
David Cameron (CEH)
Daniel Ricciuto (ORNL)

First Reflex Team meeting

University of Edinburgh, 2-3 June 2008

Attendees: Williams, Fox, Richardson, Trudinger, Quaife, Van Wijk, Tomalleri, Ricciuto, Zhang, Cameron