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Emma Hambly - Selective autobiography

Prior to studying at art college I worked as a scientist. After my BSc (aquatic biology), I did a PhD in marine microbiology jointly at the University of Warwick and the Marine Biological Association of the UK, Plymouth. In this I explored diversity amongst viruses that infect a globally abundant, photosynthetic, marine bacterium. This subject is of current interest because of the role played by these organisms in global carbon (/ carbon dioxide) cycling (amongst other things). Viruses that infect bacteria are the most abundant biological entities on earth. Following my PhD I conducted post-doctoral research on similar systems in a laboratory in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Throughout this work I used molecular biology techniques to examine the genetic diversity of these microbial organisms in natural and laboratory systems. I then subjected the genetic information I had discovered to sophisticated software programmes in an attempt to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships between the organisms - that is to try to work out how closely, and in which ways, the different microbes are related to each other.

A few years ago I did an art foundation course at Plymouth College of Art and Design, and am now in my final year of a BA in fine art at Edinburgh College of Art.