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Siccar Point Field Excursion Preview


There are several specific safety issues arising on the Siccar Point excursion:

  • Old Cambus Quarry is a vegetable distribution centre. Please be aware of Heavy goods vehicles. Follow the road to the left of the warehouse and do not cross the yard between stacks of turnip crates.

  • Vegetable distribution complex

  • When you emerge in the field beyond the warehouse complex, please follow the fence until you reach the gate near the far wall. Please do not climb the fence!

  • Gate access to cliff-top

  • At Siccar Point there is a steep grassy slope descending about 25m from the cliff-top to the shore-line. The path is usually a little muddy. The descent is not considered dangerous as the slope is concave-up and a stumble would not lead to a precipitous fall. However, some students may experience mild vertigo and may elect to wait at the cliff top.

  • Steep slope to the Point

  • Please do not stand on rocks adjacent to the sea if there are waves breaking. Case history: a few years ago an extra-large wave washed three students off the rocks on the Mull field excursion. They were lucky to be able to scramble ashore. One was injured and had to go home.

  • Large boulders covered in dark green or black algal slime are extremely slippery and should be avoided. Case history: on the 1995 Pease Bay excursion a student slipped on a damp, slimy rock and suffered a broken ankle.

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