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Holyrood Park Questions

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  1. The sedimentary rocks in Holyrood Park were laid down in the late Carboniferous period

    True: False: [Introduction]

  2. The Arthur's Seat vent is older than the Salisbury Crags sill

    True: False: [Geological History]

  3. The Salisbury Crags sill thins and splits to the South

    True: False: [The Hawse]

  4. Measurement of the palaeomagnetic field in cores from Salisbury Crags shows that, in the lower Carboniferous period, Scotland was 56 degrees south of the equator

    True: False: [Palaeomagnetism]

  5. The sediment rafts at Hutton's section floated upwards in the dolerite magma

    True: False: [Sediment rafts]

  6. The vesicles at the top of the Salisbury Crags sill were caused by trapped sulphur dioxide

    True: False: [Vesicles]

  7. James Hutton was the first to recognise that the Earth is immensely old

    True: False: [Hutton's Section]

  8. Spheroidal weathering is caused by water flow along joints

    True: False: [Spheroidal weathering]

  9. The strata in Holyrood Park are tilted because of gentle folding

    True: False: [White sandstone]

  10. Hutton's Rock contains the mineral hematite

    True: False: [Hutton's Rock]

  11. The distorted strata beneath Salisbury Crags prove that it is a lava flow

    True: False: [Distorted strata]

  12. At the contact of the Salisbury Crags dolerite with the underlying sedimentary rock crystals in the dolerite become larger further away from the contact

    True: False: [Contact details]

  13. The Crag and Tail features were produced by ice flowing westwards

    True: False: [Crag and Tail]

  14. The fault plane at The Cat's Nick is marked by a breccia

    True: False: [The Cat's Nick]

  15. The dolerite dyke near to The Cat's Nick fed the Salisbury Crags intrusion

    True: False: [Dykes]

  16. The slickensides near the north-eastern end of Salisbury Crags were produced by faulting

    True: False: [Slickensides]

  17. The desiccation cracks seen in Camstone Quarry were produced by baking of the sediment by the dolerite intrusion

    True: False: [Desiccation Cracks]

  18. The ripple marks in the sabdstones in Camstone Quarry were produced by oscillatory currents

    True: False: [Ripple Marks]

  19. The beds in Camstone Quarry consist of sandstones and volcanic ashes

    True: False: [Bedding in Camstone Quarry]

  20. The long row is a lava flow older than the Salisbury Crags dolerite

    True: False: [The Long Row]

  21. The Lion's Haunch vent agglomerate contains rounded blocks of rock

    True: False: [Vent Agglomerate]

  22. Samson's Ribs is a columnar jointing feature that requires ponding of basic magma

    True: False: [Samson's Ribs]

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