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Our group studies porosity change and palaeo-fluids in sedimentary basins with a focus on sandstones in hydrocarbon reservoirs in the North Sea. In the last 5 years we have become involved in the geological storage of carbon dioxide, again with a focus on the UK North Sea, and the study of natural analogues for CO2 storage worldwide which uses the same techniques as our reservoir quality studies

The group is led by Stuart Haszeldine (Home Page CV)

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Diagenesis , Sandstone Cementation petroleum geology, sedimentology, Carbon dioxide disposal and acid gas H2S disposal, and Micro-analysis of mineral cements in sandstones and carbonates .

Recent and current Projects , and files of our recent Publications


Our aims are to reconstruct the porosity and permeability changes in hydrocarbon reservoir sandstones during burial. This requires examination of the pore-fluid history of sedimentary basins, as an aid to understanding where the ions came from, where the ions went to, and how the pore-water moved or did not move.

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Our approach is to utilise and combine information from any disciplines appropriate to help solve the problem.
The main techniques we use are listed below.

  • Structure and sedimentology
  • Petrology
  • Stable and radiogenic isotopes
  • Fluid inclusions
  • Basin modelling
  • Petrophysics
  • Seismic reflection imaging
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