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Group Coordinators

Drs Andrew Bell, Mark Naylor and John Stevenson

Earthquake seismology


British Geological Survey

  • Brian Baptie
  • Roger Musson

Volcanic hazard


  • Thor Thordarson
    Explosive volcanism, magma fragmentation, magma degassing, flood basalt eruptions, igneous geochemistry, planetary volcanism
  • Andy Dugmore
    Tephra deposition, jökulhlaups, past social vulnerability to climate change; primary area of interest, North Atlantic Islands
  • Anthony Newton
    Cataloguing tephra deposits (Tephrabase), impact of tephra in proximal and distal environments, mapping jökulhlaup flood routes
  • Chris Hayward
    Magmatic degassing, geochemistry, magma fragmentation
  • John A Stevenson [volcan01010 blog]
    Subglacial volcanism, explosive volcanism, magma-water interactions, GIS in volcanology
  • Andy Bell
    Volcanic seismicity, deformation and eruption forecasting. Linking field, laboratory and statistical studies
  • Kate T Smith
    Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and hazard assessments at Icelandic volcanoes

British Geological Survey

  • Susan Loughlin
    Head of Volcanology. Volcano monitoring, communicating hazard and risk to official bodies and communities.

Snow Avalanche and Winter Hazards

  • Michael Zaiser
    Mechanics of Snow, Skiing, and Snow Avalanches; Fracture and Failure of Heterogeneous Materials
  • Jane Blackford
    Fundamentals of ice mechanics to develop material surfaces to give controlled friction on ice and snow

Weather hazard

Climate change enhanced hazard

  • Dick Kroon
    Sea level
  • Gabi Hegerl
  • Ruth D
    Heat wave frequency
  • David Sugden
  • Pete Ninow
    Ice sheet collapse
  • Rachel: Ocean acidification, context of global warming
  • Simon M

Mathematical description of hazard, uncertainty and risk

Expert elicitation; how to handle qualitative expert judgement

Surface process hazard; landsliding, impact of flood (sedimentology side)

  • Hugh Sinclair
  • Simon Mudd
  • Mikael Attal
  • Linda Kirstein

Derisking geological storage of CO2

  • Debbie Polson
  • Mark Naylor
    Managing risk and uncertainty for the geological storage of CO2; quantifying security.
  • Stuart Haszeldine
    Scottish Power Professor of Carbon Capture & Storage & Sedimentary Geology - CO2 Aquifer-seal interactions, natural analogues, UK and EU activities, UK Energy Research Centre
  • Arash JafarGandomi
    Geophysical Monitoring of Subsurface CO2 Storage Sites
  • Mark Wilkinson
    Programme director of MSc in CCS; and natural analogues for geological carbon storage.

Derisking Nuclear waste storage

  • Simon Harley

Contaminated land and remediation

  • Ian Butler
  • Bryne
  • Chris McDermott

The human dimension

  • Andrea Nightingale
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