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The Exploration of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth

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Chilean Expedition

The location of the surface traverse undertaken by Chilean glaciologists is outlined in the map. The team spent several days at the site of Lake Ellsworth, and undertook several traverses across the lake in the vehicles shown below"

The team then traversed down the centre line of the Institute Ice Stream, to the Patriot Hills base camp of Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions.

At Patriot Hills, an Ilyushin IL76 aircraft took everyone back to Punta Arenas.

The outcome of the expedition was threefold. First, new data have been collected from Lake Ellsworth. Second, Chilean scientists are now involved in the wider Ellsworth exploration programme. Third, and importantly, the logistic capability of (ALE) in delivering heavy loads from South American to the West Antarctic ice sheet divide has been proven, which is essential if Lake Ellsworth is to be explored in future.



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