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International Centre for Carbonate Reservoirs



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Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh Universities have formed a strategic research alliance which includes several Joint Research Institutes in Engineering and Mathematics. As part of that alliance they have invested in new staff with carbonate expertise. The Edinburgh Collaborative in Subsurface Science and Engineering (ECOSSE) has now set up an ambitious strategic research consortium – the International Centre for Carbonate Reservoirs (ICCR) - to address the key geoengineering challenges that concern the recovery of hydrocarbons from carbonate reservoirs.

More than half of Earth's conventional hydrocarbon resources are found in carbonate reservoirs. These are highly heterogeneous over many length scales and are typically extensively fractured: as a result, recovery factors are often low. Essential to improving oil and gas recovery is to understand the fundamental controls on carbonate porosity and permeability (deposition, diagenesis) and the physics of multiphase flow.

The ICCR is based in in Edinburgh where there is significant expertise across geoscience and engineering to tackle the complex issues of improved hydrocarbon recovery from carbonates. In addition, ECOSSE is in the process of establishing a network of research partners around the globe with expertise in carbonates. ICCR sponsorship includes membership of Joint Industry Partnerships in carbonate themes, and support of studentships, workshops, and other teaching and research activities. There is considerable scope for each sponsor to blend technical expertise with strategic staff development and regional strength of the research and technical base in this key research area.

Broad research areas  include:

• Integrated carbonate workflows for geoscience, petrophysics and engineering

• Effective properties at the reservoir simulator scale

• Rock physics and reservoir geophysics workflows

• Common sample framework for shared earth modelling

• Ongoing development of a research agenda for carbonate reservoirs

ICCR Sponsorship
Each industrial Partner subscribes to all projects and the research outcomes from each are shared with the consortium.
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Researchers and Students associated with the Centre
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ICCR Specific training
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Masters Programmes

Providing high-level interdisciplinary skills and training - CCS, Exploration GeoPhysics, Subsurface Exploration, and Carbon Management.
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Masters Programmes

Providing high-level skills and training - Petroleum Engineering, Reservoir Evaluation and Management, and Subsurface Exploration.
The Edinburgh Collaborative of Subsurface Science and Engineering combines research groups based at The University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, the British Geological Survey, and the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC).
[] Biochar Research Centre
Research on the role of biochar as a carbon storage technology, its production, properties and functions and its use as a soil amendment within agricultural systems.
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