School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Y. Sue Liu

311 Crew Building
The King's Buildings, University of Edinburgh
West Mains Road
Tel: +44 0131 650 5096
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I'm a Post-doctoral Research Associate working with Dr David Stevenson as part of the ACITES (Atmospheric Chemistry in the Earth System) network. Prior to this I was a post-doctoral research fellow in the Vortex Dynamics Group, School of Mathematics, University of St Andrews, working with Dr Richard Scott on dynamical problems in the stratosphere. I completed my PhD in Feb 2010 on troposphere-to-stratosphere transport in the Atmospheric Dynamics Group at DAMTP, University of Cambridge.

Research interests:
  • Atmospheric dynamics, e.g. Brewer-Dobson circulation and its changes, troposphere-stratosphere exchange, Sudden Stratospheric Warmings (SSW),
  • Transport and Mixing of chemical species in the atmosphere, e.g. water vapour, ozone, CO.
  • Processes in the the tropical tropopause layer (TTL).
  • Convection and cloud processes and their effects on water vapour distributions.