School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Walter Geibert

I am a Senior Research Fellow in Ocean Circulation, Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate at the University of Edinburgh .

My main research interest is the the understanding of transport mechanisms in the ocean, and how they are related to global climate. As tools in my studies, I use naturally occurring radioactive substances that originate from uranium and thorium decay series, cosmogenic nuclides, and trace elements.

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I am participating in
a NERC-funded study of micronutrients in the South Atlantic. Click on the logo to find out more.

A particular focus of my work is on the Southern Ocean and the Weddell Gyre, which differs from the rest of the Southern Ocean in some important aspects.
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Useful documents
A wall chart (A3) of the U/Th and 241Am series with half-lives, decay modes and decay energies. Suitable for placing next to your counter in order to identify interferences.

A description of a simple experiment that illustrates the mechanism of ocean acidification, suitable for school classes and other educational purposes.

An oceanographic dataset (Geibert et al. 2010, GBC) in Ocean Data View - text format, suitable for practising the use of ODV, especially in teaching, plus a one page summary of the ODV basics.