School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Tim Arnold

Lecturer in the Global Change Research Institute
Senior Research Scientist at the National Physical Laboratory (London)

Open positions

We have a PhD studentship to start in October 2017 looking at how new types of measurements can be used to understand greenhouse gas sources and sinks. Please get in touch for information how how to apply.


My research helps improve our understanding of the sources of greenhouse gases. I am especially interested in the development and use of high-precision ground-based measurements that are sensitive to emissions on local to regional to global scales. Emissions can be quantified from these measurements using atmospheric transport models within a mathematical inversion framework. Developing novel measurement methods and improving the quality of information within this framework holds promise to reduce emissions estimate uncertainties and help focus climate change mitigation efforts.

I have a joint position between the National Physical Laboratory in London and the University of Edinburgh. The National Physical Laboratory is the UK's National Measurement Institute, which is responsible for traceability, accuracy and consistency of measurement from fundamental science through to delivery of services. At NPL I work in the Emissions and Atmospheric Metrology group - a team of 20+ scientists helping a range of organisations and companies quantify gaseous and particulate emissions important to climate and air quality.

Tim's Biography

Before joining the National Physical Laboratory and the University of Edinburgh in 2016 I was at the Met Office Hadley Centre (2014-2016). Prior to this, I spent more than five years in the USA at the University of California, San Diego at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography as a postdoc studying atmospheric composition change (2009-2014). My undergraduate studies were in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge (2001-2005) and I followed this with a PhD in isotope geochemistry in the Earth Science and Engineering Department at Imperial College London (2005-2009).


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