School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Dr. Stephan Klemme
CSEC & School of GeoSciences
University of Edinburgh
The King's Buildings
West Mains Rd
Edinburgh EH9 3JW

United Kingdom

(also at Münster University, Germany)

Email: stephan.klemme(at) or stephan.klemme(at)

Stephan has an established track record of research in igneous and experimental petrology and geochemistry, especially on the phase relations of the upper mantle and the behaviour of trace elements in magmatic processes. His recent work includes experimental studies on the behaviour of trace elements in subduction zone systems and experimental studies on the stability of Cr-rich mantle minerals in the deep Earth. He also studies fundamental physical parameters of geologically relevant materials and investigates the nature of the Earth’s mantle by studying diamond inclusions and mantle xenoliths. Much of his recent work involves high-pressure experimentation combined with high-resolution in-situ analysis of experimental run products

Apply for Marie Curie scholarships  in Experimental Petrology & Geochemistry (send an email for details)

Main Research Interests

Phase relations in the Earth's upper mantle

  • High-pressure high-temperature experiments to investigate the transition from garnet lherzolite to spinel lherzolite in refractory compositions
  • Thermodynamic modeling in realistic mantle compositions using free energy minimization techniques

Physics and Chemistry of Minerals

  • Thermodynamics of transition metal bearing oxides and silicates with applications to processes in the Earth's upper mantle
  • Phase transitions at low temperatures, magnetic ordering, thermodynamics

The partitioning of trace elements between minerals and melts

  • Trace element partitioning between accessory phases and different melts (carbonatite, basalts etc.)
  • Trace element partitioning between Ti-bearing minerals and melts: High-pressure high-temperature experiments with applications to subduction zone processes
  • Experimental simulation of carbonatite metasomatism: Trace element partitioning between mantle minerals and carbonatite melts

Subduction zone processes

  • Trace element transfer during melting of subducted oceanic crust
  • Mobility of refractory elements in melts and fluids (e.g. Ti, Zr, Hf)
Experimental Studies relevant to ore genesis

  • Experimental studies on immiscible liquids in Fe and P-bearing systems with applications to the genesis of nelsonites and phoscorites
  • Trace element partitioning between ilmenite and melts with implications for the origin of large ilmenite deposits

Experimental Planetary Science

  • Trace element fractionation by iron-titanium oxides with implications for the evolution of a lunar magma ocean



  • We invite applications for postdoctoral scholarships (send me an email (stephan.klemme(at) if you are interested in a postdoc in experimental geosciences at Edinburgh and at Muenster University)

PhD students

  • S. Prowatke (PhD 2006, summa cum laude)
  • Tim Ivanic (PhD 2008)
  • Jenny Rapp
  • Shigeto Hirai (also at CSEC)

Teaching and Field trips

  • 2nd year Mineralogy and Petrology
  • 3rd year Mineral Behaviour
  • 3rd year Igneous Petrogenesis
  • 2nd year field trip Inchnadamph, North-West Scotland
  • 4th year field trip Cyprus (Sediments, Ore genesis & Ophiolite)
  • 1st year field trips (Edinburgh and around)


  • Walter Schnelle, Dresden
  • Max Wilke, Potsdam
  • Martin Ahrens, Vienna
  • Hugh O'Neill, Canberra
  • Franck Wastin, Karlsruhe
  • Paul Hoskin, Auckland
  • Detlef Günther, Zürich
  • Dorrit Jacob, Mainz
  • Juergen Konzett, Innsbruck
  • Roland Stalder, Innsbruck
  • Sigrid Eeckhout, Grenoble
  • Paul Attfield, Edinburgh
  • Stefan Prowatke, Wattens
  • Thomas Zack, Mainz
  • Ben Harte, Edinburgh
  • Jamie Connolly, ETH Zurich