School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Dr. Steven Binnie, Research Fellow

Research Interests

My academic interests lie in all aspects of geomorphology and landscape development. Specifically, my research has focused on the application of in-situ cosmogenic radionuclides to derive rates of surface processes and the interpretation of these rates in relation to broader scale topographic evolution. I am also involved in several studies which are considering the significance of climatic and tectonic events, using cosmogenic radionuclides to constrain their timing. Furthermore, working on a variety of applications of terrestrial cosmogenic isotopes has driven an interest in methodological development of the technique and the sample preparation chemistry .

Current Research

I am a Research Fellow in the School of GeoSciences. My work to date has involved the use of cosmogenic radionuclide techniques to derive erosion rates, investigate the sediment transport and consider how the interaction of climate and tectonics has influenced the landscape development of the Transverse Ranges, California. I've been involved in using cosmogenic beryllium-10 and aluminium-26 to constrain the timing and extents of glaciation in Scotland. Other ongoing research involves using a variety of cosmogenic isotopes to quantify rates of fault displacement, sediment transport and landscape evolution in northern Chile. Collaborations employing cosmogenic chlorine-36 are now extending my interest in deglaciation chronologies into the Andes. I am also working with others on the preservation of ancient surfaces in the hyper-arid Atacama Desert, Chile, and the timing of palaeoclimatic events and river terrace deposition in Argentina. Further involvements include histories of fault displacement in the central Italian Apennines and the methodological development of cosmogenic chlorine-36.

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