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Rudra V. Kapila


Speaking about CCS in developing countries at COP15]
Speaking about CCS in developing countries at COP15

Rudra V. Kapila
MSc, DIC Env. Chemistry (Imperial College London, 2003 )
BSc Hons. Env. Sciences (University of Edinburgh, 2002).


PhD Research: “The international politics of low carbon technology development: Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in India"

The research aim was to explore the potential of CCS technology within a climate mitigation strategy in a developing country context, with particular focus on India. CCS may have a role within the energy system of India, which is the third-largest coal producer in the world. Key socio-technical and political challenges to the technology transfer of the CCS chain are identified, in light of the international negotiations on climate change. The overall approach is to identify typical legal, regulatory and technological characteristics of CCS systems in international and UK/EU federal settings, which could support technology transfer to developing countries. The analysis looks at similarities and differences compared to the Indian national and state-level systems. Case studies are used to identify possible demonstration sites, where Indian variants of CCS may be applied in the future.

Supervisors: Prof Stuart Haszeldine and Dr Heather Lovell



  • Kapila, R.V. (2009) 'Another elephant in the room' The Environmentalist, Issue 85, pp 18-19
    The postgraduate winner of the IEMA Student Essay Award, Rudra Kapila, discusses the plight of poor women in rural areas and their impact on the future of the planet.

Research Interests:

  • Geological Storage & Sequestration of CO2
  • CCS Technology Development & Deployment
  • Technological Innovation Systems
  • International Energy & Environmental Law
  • Climate Change & Global Governance.

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