School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Clare Woulds

Address Clare Woulds in the field

The Grant Institute
The University of Edinburgh
West Mains Road

tel. 0131 650 8547

Education BSc. Environmental Geoscience at The University of Edinburgh

PhD Tracer studies of benthic fauna as controls on organic matter cycling in sediments across the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone

Position NERC Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests

  • Organic geochemistry of continental margin sediments
  • Variation in organic matter quality among environments of varying depth and dissolved oxygen
  • The impact of benthic fauna on sediment organic matter cycling
  • The relative importance of faunal size classes in organic matter processing
  • Biochemical change brought about by macrofaunal ingestion
Recent Publications

  • Woulds C., Andersson J. H., Cowie G. L., Middelburg J. J., Levin L. A., The short-term fate of organic carbon in marine sediments: comparing the Pakistan margin to other regions, Deep Sea Research II, in press
  • Woulds C., Cowie G. L., Levin L. A., Andersson J. H., Middelburg J. J., Vandewiele S., Lamont P. A., Larkin K. E., Gooday A. J., Schumacher S., Whitcraft C., Jeffreys R. M., Schwartz M. C., 2007, Oxygen as a control on seafloor biological communities and their roles in sedimentary carbon cycling, Limnology and Oceanography, 52, 1698-1709
  • Woulds C., Ngwenya B. T., 2004, Geochemical processes governing the performance of a constructed wetland treating acid mine drainage, Central Scotland, Applied Geochemistry, 19, 1773-1783