School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Ciaran Beggan 

I am a PhD student studying geophysics in the School of Geoscience. My research topic is "Secular Variation prediction in the Earth's Magnetic Field using core surface flows".

I am jointly supervised by Prof. Kathy Whaler (Univ. of Edinburgh) and Dr. Susan MacMillan (BGS). My project involves using the slow decadal change in the Earth's magnetic field to predict the fluid motion along the Core-Mantle Boundary. This in turn can be used to predict forward in time the evolution of the field.

The first output from October - December 2005 has been a poster for the GEOSPACE consortium meeting, held in Leeds on 5/6 January 2006

My next output was a poster for the 10th Symposium of the SEDI organisation. The meeting was held in Prague on the 9-14th July. The poster I presented is available at the link below

I journeyed to Perugia in July 2007 for the IUGG conference there. Here's my presentation
Current version of my VO paper (draft 4) (PDF:2Mb):