School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Douglas Schaub


2013 MSc GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh (in progress)
2012 BA Honours Geology, Colgate University

Research Interests

My current research involves an experimental investigation into the feasibility of a geothermometer utilizing aluminium content in olivine. Initial experiments will utilize a simple synthetic calcium-aluminium-magnesium-silica (CAMS) system, while further research will involve iron-bearing compositions that can be more directly compared to real rock samples. I am also interested in the application of experimental petrology to the study of other planets.


Stanley, B.D., Schaub, D.R., and Hirschmann, M.M., in press. CO2 solubility in primitive martian basalts similar to Yamato 980459, the effect of composition on CO2 solubility of basalts, and the evolution of the martian atmosphere. American Mineralogist.