School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

David Milodowski

Tectonic Geomorphology

NERC funded Ph.D student (Global Change)
Supervisors: Dr Simon Mudd, Dr Edward Mitchard

About me

Background and Research
I completed my first degree (BA (hons), MSci) in Geological Sciences (Natural Sciences), graduating from Churchill College, University of Cambridge, in 2011. I'm fascinated by the links between tectonics, climate, vegetation and erosion, and how they interact to shape the Earth's surface. My present research incorporates high resolution topographic analysis using LiDAR, with field observations and mathematical modelling to quantify the extent to which the production, erosion and transportation of sediment on hillslopes is modulated by vegetation, and in turn, how changes in the physical characteristics of hillslopes feed back to impact on the development of ecosystems (more).

Geomorphology Discussion Group
I also organise the Land Surface Dynamics discussion group, in which we discuss recent, pertinent publications and present recent advances in our research areas. This discussion group is not exclusive to members of the Edinburgh Geosciences department. If you would like to join this group or present something at our meetings please subscribe to our mailing list and/or email me.

Other stuff
My other interests include sports, food, and music. In particular I play a lot of cricket, and enjoy cycling, hiking, basketball... etc. I also play the cornet in Dalkeith and Monktonhall Brass Band, and love BBC6music!

Contact Details

Research Group: Global Change - Land Surface Dynamics
Room: Room 3.09 (Lower Lewis)
Address: School of Geosciences
Geography Building
Drummond Street
Phone: +44 (0) 131 650 9170
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