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School of GeoSciences

George Jaramillo

About Me

I am a first year PhD student working on the extractive geographies of mining landscapes. I am originally from Miami but have had private and public sector experience for the last seven years in architecture and historic preservation.

Research Groups

Human Geography

Research Interests

  • Rural Landscapes
  • Historical Geography
  • GIS and Historic landscapes


  • MS in Historic Preservation, Columbia University, New York City, NY, 2005
  • BArch, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 2001

PhD project

Extractive Geographies: Developing and perserving the lead mining landscapes of the central English Midlands.


Dr. Dan Swanton, University of Edinburgh

Project details

The pastoral setting of the southern Peak District belies its tumultuous and industrial past. The quiet villages and ruined barns connected via a web of limestone walls, preclude a contested and layered development of miners, excavation, and steam engines. The sounds of a former industrial landscape struggles underneath a romanticized present. This study seeks to understand the historic perceptions of a sidelined mining society. The basis for this study looks at historic paintings, photographs, and other visual media representing the rural mining landscape of the English Midlands. It will combine these historic perceptions with GIS spatial analysis to assess the relationships between what was perceived and what is there today. This new method of study synthesizes the qualitative nature of personal experiences with the quantitative rigor of spatial analysis. In turn, the rural landscape is exposed and newly understood for forums of development, planning, and heritage conservation.

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