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Alma Virgen Mendoza Ponce

Academic background

I studied Biology at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM). Then I studied a MSc in Environmental Sciences at the same university. My MSc project was a research about the influences of land use change on the carbon stocks in temperate forests in Mexico. After that, I studied another MSc in Spain related to the management and conservation of species in international trade (CITES). Currently, I am studying a PhD and my research is focus on a project of vulnerability to climate change and land use change on Mexican socio-ecological systems.


Professional experience

I have worked as a lecturer of Philosophy and History of Biology at UNAM.
I worked for 3 years for a environmental consultant agency (PSIG) which develops projects about Environmental Impact Assessments. In these projects we implemented strategies of conservation management based on the translocation of some biological conservation in Mexico I have collaborated in projects related to benefit-cost analysis of different kind of forest management in Mexico (UNAM and Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza FMCN).

Personal interests

  1. Environmental and conservation sciences (environmental modelling, environmental trade-offs)
  2. Philosophy and history of science
  3. Ethics related to environmental conflicts and non human rights.
  4. Music (Medieval fol music with bagpipes and Mexican traditional music from "la Huasteca")
  5. My family which includes my wonderful dogs and cats
  6. Swimming


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