School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Alexander Ingle

MScR student

My research...

Investigating melt and runoff from a Greenland outlet glacier

Supervised by Professor Peter Nienow

As part of a research team investigating the coupling between hydrology and dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet, my work focusses on evaluating the 'degree-day modelling' technique for snow and ice melt on Leverett glacier. For more information about my current research please click here.

About me...

Following my undergraduate dissertation based in Iceland (2007) and after graduating from Glasgow University in 2008 (BSc (Hons.) Geography), I spent 3 years working and travelling... and you can read more about my adventures here. My interests include skiing, photography, film making, golf and travelling amongst others. As well as working towards my research goals, I am aiming to reach fluency in Polish within the next year or so... i na prawde, to nie jest łatwe zadanie!