School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

John Carson

Pre-Columbian human land-use and impact in the western Amazon

Supervisors: Dr. Francis Mayle., Dr. Bronwen Whitney and Dr. Toby Pennington.

About Me

Background and research interests

I am a NERC funded PhD student and part of the Institute of Geography and the Lived Environment research group in the School of GeoSciences. My research interest lies in human-environment interactions and palaeoenvironmental change over the Holocene, especially in the Neotropics. I received my undergraduate degree in Geology and Archaeology (BSc) from the University of Birmingham in 2008 and completed a masters in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Reconstruction (MSc) at the University of Manchester in 2010. My current research involves pollen and charcoal analysis of lake sediments from Bolivia and Brazil and in the past I have worked on Colepteran remains and other environmental proxies from peats and archaeological layers in the UK.

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TEPP and other stuff

I am a member of the Tropical Ecosystems Past and Present discussion group (TEPP, *website to follow soon*)at the University of Edinburgh and a regular contributor to the online science magazine Experimentation. I am also trying to learn Spanish and Portuguese. Un abrazo!

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