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School of GeoSciences

Robin Driscoll

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[Tridacna Gigas] PaleoENSO Reconstructions of the Holocene and Last Glacial Periods

The El Niņo Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is the main source of interannual climate variability in the modern climate system. It is driven by a coupling between oceanic and atmospheric circulation in the tropical Pacific Ocean. The future of ENSO is subject to controversy as climate models provide different results as to its development in a warming world. Past reconstructions test the sensitivity of ENSO to different background conditions and climate forcings. This project aims to reconstruct ENSO variability during two key periods of the past: the last Glacial period and the Holocene, using giant clams (Tridacna sp.) from Papua New Guinea.


Dr Mary Elliot
Professor Alexander Tudhope

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Oceans and Climate

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