School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Melanie Douarin


PhD student (3rd Year)

School of GeoSciences The University of Edinburgh
West Mains Road
Scotland, UK


I am a PhD student at Edinburgh University working on cold-water coral reefs from offshore West Scotland. My current project is mainly based on the study of sediment cores from the reefs; which constitute a unique opportunity to describe their internal structure. The aims are to reconstruct the depositional history of shallow coral-reefs and to correlate their phases of development with the wider palaeoceanography and palaeoclimatic history of Western Scotland. (Click here from more details)

My interest for cold-water corals started with my Master project on cold-water geochemisty, microstrutures and biomineralisation processes at the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE) supervised by Dr. Dominique Blamart. Since then my curiosity on this ecosystem has kept growing.

I am also really keen on doing field work and during my research projects I have had the chance to take part in different cruises aiming to collect sediment cores but also live corals.

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