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Teri Angst

[Teri Angst]

I am Ph.D. candidate in my final year at The University of Edinburgh supervised by Saran Sohi and David Reay. My external supervisor at the University of California, Davis is Johan Six.

Stemming from my background in environmental science and my previous employment with VenEarth Group, LLC (a venture capital fund that invests in solar energy and biochar production), I have developed a strong interest in research that focuses on biochar used in combination with other sustainable agriculture practices such as organic soil amendments.

My Ph.D. research focuses on the use of biochar in combination with cattle manure and slurry in grassland systems.  In particular, I am interested in the impact of biochar on nutrient retention and trace gas emissions from manure and slurry, as well as from soils that have been amended with manure or slurry.

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Teri Angst
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