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School of GeoSciences

[Claire Horrocks]

Claire Horrocks

BA Hons

PhD Student


I studied (Biological) Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge where I was a member of Robinson College. I took modules in Geology, Ecology, Cell Biology, Quantitative Biology, Evolution and Behaviour, Plant and Microbial Sciences, Animal Biology, Conservation, Aquatic Biology and Plant Ecology.

In my final year I carried out research into cytokinin uptake and secretion from Solanum tuberosum roots as a potential means for signalling between the plant and mycorrhizal fungi. I also produced a literature review entitled "Amazonian soils: carbon source or sink in an elevated carbon dioxide world"

I graduated with a BA Hons in July 2009 and joined the department of Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh as a PhD student in September 2009

Current Research

"Investigating potential costs of nutrient losses on converted former agricultural land; a trade off against environmental benefit"

Contact information

email :

Tel. : 07792552821

Address : Claire Horrocks, Crew Building, Kings Buildings, EH9 3JF [Claire Horrocks]