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Gbotemi Abraham ADEDIRAN

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(B.Tech. Soil Science, Msc. Water & Env. Mgt. Bristol, UK.)

Microbes and Plants; are they the savior?

Life on the planet earth is now significantly threatened by the presence of highly toxic and extremely persistent contaminants that have accumulated in the environment over time. Heavy metals are "invincible poisons" that are capable of causing serious damage even at low concentrations. They are of serious concerns to human health due to their cytotoxicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity. The unique ability of heavy metals to bio-accumulate in human body; by increasing their chemical concentration over time within the human biological system, make them even more dangerous to human health.

A meticulous compilation of over two decades of heavy metals emission and contamination data by the Metrological Synthesizing Centre-East in Russia, revealed that a total of 266,381 tons of Lead, 6,228 tons of Cadmium and 3,868 tons of Mercury were released to the Environment of over 50 European Countries from 1990 to 2009.

As the world continue to respond positively to the "gospel" of sustainability, and stringent legislation from the United Nations, and especially the European Council, continue to impact positively on the reduction of pollution emission, there is an urgent need to timely, effectively, and sustainably de-toxicate heavy metal contaminated environments in order to guarantee quality living at every stratum of the ecosystem.

I therefore desire to critically examines bioremediation as an effective and sustainable remediation method, by evaluating the potential of the combine effects of plants (phytoremediators) and plant growth promoting (endophytic and rhizospheric) bacteria, in the remediation of environments contaminated by heavy metals.


I hold a first class degree in Soil Science from the Federal University of Technology Yola in Nigeria, and a Masters degree (with distinction) in Water and Environmental Management from the University of Bristol in England.

I was awarded the best student in academic performance by the Governing Council of the Federal University of Technology Yola in 2007 and I graduated as the overall best student in academic performance in the entire University in 2008.

I was awarded the DFID/University of Bristol’s Shared Scholarships in 2008 and the University of Edinburgh Global Research Award, Principal Career Development Award & School of Geoscience Scholarships in 2011.

My research interest includes; bioremediation of contaminated sites, adaptation of arable crops to environmental stress (drought and metal toxicity), stochastic nutrient and catchment-hydrological modeling and the politics of climate change

My research team

Dr. Bryne T. Ngwenya

Dr. Kate V. Heal

Dr. Barbra A. Harvie

Prof. Fred Mosselmans (Diamond Light Source UK)