School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Aisling Layden

I currently study the lake-mean lake surface water temperatures (LSWTs) of ~250 globally distributed large lakes. Global climatology and time series data (1991 to 2010) has been derived from Along-Track Scanning Radiometers (ATSR) at a spatial resolution of 5 km^2.

The mean LSWT climatology derived from these data have been shown to quantify on a global scale the responses of large lakes’ surface temperatures to the annual cycle of forcing by solar radiation and to air temperature extremes.

Current research utilizes observed LSWT time series (1991 to 2010) data for lakes with a mean annual freezing cycle to tune FLake lake model for optimal LSWT prediction. This work is funded by the European Space Agency under the ARC lake project.