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Jen Roberts


My Research: "CO2 migration from Reservoir to Surface: Natural Analogues for CO2 storage in Central Italy"
Naturally occurring CO2 seeps are a widespread phenomena in Central Italy. I am studying these seeps because:

  1. An understanding of the fluid’s leakage pathway from reservoir to surface and will give insight into CO2 fluid dynamics and fluid pathways. This will be invaluable when assessing CO2 storage sites.

  2. An understanding of the governing controls on the escaping fluid’s expression and characteristics at the surface provides insight into the near surface plumbing of CO2 fluids. This can enable prediction of not only the location of a potential leak, but how it will likely appear at the surface, which can guide leak identification efforts.

  3. Study of the geological environment may provide information about processes that occur during the escape of CO2 in both siliciclastic and carbonate lithologies. This will further scientific knowledge regarding the production and fate of CO2 in the subsurface.

  4. The interactions between CO2 seeps and seismic events will lead us to better understand the relationship between mechanical failure and crustal fluids, and provide information on the response of CO2-storage sites in the case of an earthquake.

  5. Study of historical health incidents at Italian gas seeps can provide valuable information regarding the characteristics which most strongly affect hazards at CO2 leakage sites.

PhD start date January 2009 -- Estimated End Date January 2012...

Supervisors: Given how multidisciplinary this research is - there are a lot of them!

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