School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Ealasaid Munro

(MscR Human Geography)

Postgraduate Research Student
1.09 (Benbecula Suite)
Institute of Geography
Drummond Street

University email

Research interests (more information can be found on the 'Research Interests' page in the left-hand navigation bar)
Currently my research is concerned with work within the cultural sector. Specifically, I am studying the performativity of museums, and the ways in which the Social Inclusion or Learning and Access agenda has had an impact on museum professionals. This involves engagement with a wide set of literatures including literatures around performance and performativity, space, work and the 'uses' of culture (I am particularly interested in the cultural citizenship literature).
Principal Supervisor - Professor Lynn Staeheli
Secondary supervisor - Dr. Eric Laurier

Research Groups
Human Geography Research Group

Member: Royal Scottish Geographical Society

Munro, E. (2008) Book Review: Denis Cosgrove's 'Geography and Vision'. Royal Scottish Geographical Journal 124 2/3.