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School of GeoSciences

Stuart Grieve

Hillslope Geomorphology
NERC funded Ph.D student (Global Change)
Supervisors: Dr Simon Mudd & Dr TC Hales

About Me

I graduated with a BSc(hons) in Geology and Physical Geography in 2011 and with an MSc in GIS in 2012, both from the University of Edinburgh. I am interested in understanding how sediment transport processes are reflected in landscape morphology. With my background in programming and GIS I am able to answer interesting geomorphic questions on large, detailed LiDAR datasets. My current research concerns the automated identification and analysis of colluvial hollows from high resolution topographic data and the automation of topographic metric extraction at a hillslope, catchment and landscape scale.

As a consequence of my interests I write a lot of code both in Python and in C++ and contribute to the Edinburgh Topographic Analysis Package, which is in the process of being released into the wild, while also maintaining our documentation.

In addition to my research and coding exploits I also keep my GIS skills fresh, by teaching on courses in the GIS MSc on topics such as spatial analysis, spatial database design, object orientated programming, web GIS and data visualisation.

My PhD is funded as part of a larger project with Simon Mudd, TC Hales and Rob Parker studying shallow landslide frequencies in Macon County, North Carolina. This is being performed using radiocarbon dating of charcoal from the base of soil pits to reconstruct hollow filling rates in order to identify landslide resonances in the landscape.

Away from academia I enjoy playing pool and snooker, and if I am not in my office I am most likely at the pool hall. I also play for the Drummond Bears football team, drink Irn Bru and occasionally go hillwalking.

Contact Details

Research Group: Global Change - Land Surface Dynamics
Room: Room 3.09 (Lower Lewis)
Address: School of Geosciences
Geography Building
Drummond Street
Phone: +44 (0) 131 650 9170
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